Trinocular Microscope


Epi Fluorescent Microscope with Infinite Optical System PLAN Optics suited for Fluorescence Camera Port for Imaging Anti Fungus, Anti Reflection & Hard Coating on all Optical Components 40x, 150x, 100x, 150x, 400x, 600x, 1000x & 1500x Magnifications 100 Watt HBO Mercury Epi Fluorescent Illumination Two FL Filters Blue (Ex-490) Green (Ex-545), UV, V with color seperation Prism FL Lamp Housing with Condenser and Bulb adjustment. Digital Power Supply to Control Flourescent Lamp Variable Koehler Illumination for Brightfield Movable Condenser with abbe condenser 1.25NA and Filter Holder Adjustable interpupillary distance with diaopter adjustment Low Drive Mechanical Stage for smooth scan of specimens CE, UL & ISO confirmities Perfect for Vet Labs, Doctors & Research Best Price to performance Ratio



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