Yasin Oduk, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO NanomediGene LLC

Yasin Oduk, Ph.D., is an accredited researcher, scientist, and current CEO of Nanomedigene LLC where he leverages his extensive background in nanoparticles/drug delivery combined with hands-on experience with animal surgery (mice, rats, rabbits, and pigs) in biomedical research. He received his doctorate in physics at UAB where he became interested in biomedical research and was trained in cell culture and animal studies in Spinal Cord Injury and Pulmonary Medicine labs. He got employed by UAB where he obtained his postdoctoral training in cardiovascular diseases and Biomedical Engineering. He joined the Orthodontics division at Columbia University just before establishing his company.

Under the guidance of exceptional mentors, he developed his knowledge of traumatic surgery and animal studies to further familiarize himself with the functions required to produce satisfactory results from his developed technologies. He has been a speaker/keynote speaker on departmental seminars, national and international conferences, as well as being recognized with the T32 postdoctoral training award. He is both an extensively trained researcher and entrepreneur as a recipient of the “Graduate Student Entrepreneurship Award” from UAB for his dissertation project in Malignant Mesothelioma, and has been published in Peer-Reviewed Journals.

His expertise in a variety of disciplines including physics, Cardiovascular health/disease, Biomedical engineering, and orthodontics make him well-equipped to navigate the processes of growing a biotech company. He is well-informed about the climate of his target field and is prepared to elevate his company to meet the industry standard for biotech startups through insightful clinical innovation and the development of groundbreaking technology.

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